3 Coffee And Dessert Pairings That Could Change Your Life

Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Coffee as a digestif is largely an American concept, and pairing a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with a sweet dessert is an extension of that American ingenuity. In coffee shops nationwide, a cup of coffee and a slice of pie are typical p.m. orders and many a date night ends with a shot of espresso and a shared dessert. There are, however, a myriad of creative coffee and dessert pairings that have to be consumed to be believed.

Latte + Macaron

Classic lattes pair great with many deserts, though a simple macaron in raspberry or marionberry creates a delicate symphony of flavors and textures when paired with a frothy latte. The airy interiors of the macaron melt into sugary bliss at the touch of a piping hot latte, and the tart berries offer a breezy lightness that catapults this duo into the upper echelon of coffee and dessert pairings.

Mocha Latte + Banana Cream Pie

For added refinery, a classic mocha latte pairs so brilliantly with a heaping slice of banana cream pie, you’ll want to start each day with this creamy duo. If you’re one for culinary overkill, send your pairing into the flavor stratosphere by adding a shot of banana syrup to your mocha.

Irish Coffee + Tiramisu

Irish coffee has a surprising accomplice in dessert domination; tiramisu. Pair this steamy, sophisticated, coffee drink with a creamy mound of chocolatey dusted layer cake and bring Ireland and Italy together in delicious harmony.

For more coffee tidbits, visit Cafe Delirium’s blog. Visit our menu to create your own perfect coffee and dessert pairings.

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