3 Coffee Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Coffee lovers have millions of silly items marketed to them each year, from scripted workout tanks demanding coffee before sit-ups to outrageously caffeinated pounds of ground beans. As coffee lovers, it’s our duty to make smart choices when it comes to coffee-themed gadgets and accessories. Navigating the minefield of decorative tin wall hangings proclaiming that coffee is, in fact, served here, and increasingly complex coffee brewer chemistry sets can be ridiculously difficult. However, we sifted through pages of coffee ephemera to bring you these three gadgets sure to be appreciated by any true coffee aficionado.

A Milk Frother

For those days when you just can’t make it to the coffeehouse for your daily latte, this frother will enable you to achieve frothy milk in no time. Enjoy your own versions of your favorite coffee house beverages with this simple device that fits snugly in your kitchen tool drawer.

Suitcase Coffee Cup Holders

For the constant traveler forever juggling carry-ons, newspapers, and a hot cup of java, this clever tool is for you. It easily snaps on to your rolling luggage’s extendable handle to create a cup holder perfect for your active lifestyle.

French Press Mug

A travel mug that serves two purposes—brewing and holding your precious coffee is perfect for the French press devotee who could use the extra few minutes this device will spare up.

When you’re done experimenting in your own kitchen, we’ll be waiting for you at Cafe Delirium. Check out our menu to plan your next hot cup of delicious coffee!

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Image source: Kinto To-Go French Press Mug, Food52


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