3 Coffee Spiked Baked Goods To Bring To Your Office Party

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Your upcoming office party, neighborhood mixer, or holiday gathering of close friends will definitely benefit from one, two, or all three of these coffee-kissed desert delights, especially once the eggnog’s been spiked. Try these super simple recipes to impress your coworkers, neighbors, or pals and potentially save one or two of them from a superabundance of mulled wine and hot buttered rum.

Espresso Truffles

If anything is going to revive Barry from accounting after those three shots of holiday tequila, it’s going to be these super caffeinated truffles. Go the extra festive mile and coat them in crushed candy canes or a snowy layer of confectioner’s sugar.

Tiramisu Dip

The beloved Italian dessert gets a very American makeover when prepared as a multi-layered dip. However, this is perfect party food, and the caffeine buzz will keep your guests chatty and engaged.

Espresso Brownies

If you prefer a more low-key desert contribution but also require it to absolutely hum with the essence of freshly brewed coffee, this brownie recipe has your name all over it.  This recipe features not just ground coffee, but also a full cup of chocolate covered espresso beans, making every bite an ode to everyone’s favorite a.m. beverage.

Visit our menu for a delicious beverage to accompany these coffee infused delights.

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