3 Creative Domestic Uses For Coffee

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cafe_D_3 Creative Domestic Uses For Coffee

Coffee is a miracle bean, of this we are absolutely certain. It revives us, inspires us, beautifies us, detoxifies us, and perfumes our morning kitchens with the unmistakable smell of ambition. We rely on coffee throughout the day to widen our eyes and uncork our ears, and we know there are several cosmetic uses for coffee, but did you also know there are easy ways to use coffee in our homes that have nothing to do with sharpening wit or tightening pores?

Coffee’s domestic skills are varied, and there are surely more than these three, but they are enough to inspire us to invent new ways to integrate coffee into every level of our existence.

Coffee Compost

Used coffee grounds can revive compost and stimulate your garden, but did you know they also can be used to safely scrub your planters before repotting?

Grounds for Cleaning

Furthermore, used coffee grounds can replace steel wool to scrub your grimiest, dingiest pots and pans, restoring them to a high shine. Make sure to keep them out of the drain though, coffee grounds mixed with used cooking oil can result in damage to your plumbing.

Restoring with Coffee

A bit of oil and a pinch of coffee grounds can repair scratches in wood furniture, giving a flawless finish and leaving a tantalizing telltale fragrance.

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