3 Custom Iced Latte Creations Perfect For Warm Weather

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cafe_D_3 Custom Iced Latte Creations Perfect For Warm Weather

All this sunshine and warm weather gives us serious iced latte cravings. A steaming hot cup of rich espresso and foamy milk is great for chilly mornings, but when the temperature reaches above 70, we can think of nothing more satisfying then a creamy iced coffee sipped leisurely through a straw wide enough to accommodate at least a bit of crushed ice. Try one of these latte creations over ice to kick-start your spring and summer adventures:

Amaretto Ice — Almond lovers will swoon over this relatively simple iced latte with a splash of sweet almond and vanilla flavored syrups. Try it blended for a serious cool-down, and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Peppermint Breeze — Nothing cools like peppermint, and on a hot day, this latte will hit the spot. Ask for an iced latte with a splash of both peppermint and chocolate syrups and enjoy your immensely refreshing coffee drink.

Lavender Frost — Add some sophistication to your iced latte with a splash of lavender syrup and a tower of whipped cream. Enjoy this blended for a decidedly “adult” frappe.

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