3 Inspired Ways To Cook With Coffee

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cafe_D_3 Inspired Ways To Cook With Coffee

We know all about coffee ice cream, coffee cake and coffee candy — and we love those things tremendously — but have you ever wondered how you could integrate the rich earthy flavor of ground coffee into your savory menu? If, as a true coffee connoisseur, you have wondered just that, allow us to share our three favorite ways to cook with coffee:

Serenade Your Marinade

Using brewed coffee as a marinade for steak or as part of your braising liquid for short ribs is an inspired way to bring a new, robust dimension to your meat as it cooks. Try a splash of dark roast for a flavor with a hint of caramelization, or a lighter roast for that bright coffee snap.

Spiced Blends

Use a fine grind as a part of a spice blend. Whatever your favorite coffee is, you are likely now precisely aware of what flavors might complement it. Perhaps smoked paprika and nutmeg, or cinnamon and cardamom — experiment with ancillary flavors but start with equal parts salt and pepper.

Get Saucey

Shake up your sauces with a heavy pour of your favorite breakfast brew. From white sausage and sage gravies, to thick, honeyed BBQ sauces, even the occasional savory reduction will benefit from the added nuance brewed coffee can bring to a sauce. Use coffee to deglaze a pan for a Red Eye Gravy you’ll never forget.

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