3 International Coffee Drinks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Try

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

3 International Coffee Drinks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Try

We love coffee, really and truly. And while we at Café D, of course, lovingly poured over each of our menu items, there are a good handful of coffees that you simply can’t easily offer to American coffee drinkers. These coffees are mainly international drinks, suited not to American tastes, but rather the flavors and aromas of their own global region. But that doesn’t make them any less amazing, inspiring or downright delicious. Don’t let them replace your Café D morning latte though, or we’ll stop publishing blogs about revelatory international coffee drinks, deal?

Turkish Coffee

A truly acquired taste, this coffee drink dates back to 15th century Yemen and is an unfiltered coffee brewed with a hint of cardamom (or sugar), added to very fine grounds before water is added. The coffee is then simmered for a while, much longer than your average drip, and only served when a fine frothy head of crema has formed. The coffee grounds are not filtered out but left to reside on the interior wall of your cup.

Espresso Romano

This bright idea is of Roman heritage and consists of a simple shot of espresso and a twist of lemon. Simplicity is the name of game with this tart, bitter, and ultimately compelling cup of joe.

Weiner Melange

This drink of Austrian invention consists of whipped cream, brown sugar, an egg yolk, and shot of espresso. Considering Vienna coffee (espresso and whipped cream) is what typically comes to mind when Austria and coffee are uttered in the same sentence, this is quite a revelation. Egg yolk…in my coffee…really…I never…

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