3 Mellow Alternatives To Coffee To Wind Down With

Thursday, November 16, 2017

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We may be in the business of the perk, but we also completely understand the importance of the wind-down. On chilly fall and winter days, when a stiff cup of coffee simply isn’t the best beverage for the moment, you can find more than a few perfect alternatives that will not only pique your taste buds but also soothe your harried self.

Whole Milk Steamers

The go-to drink for your precocious pre-teen who has yet to graduate to cappuccino is also the perfect warm beverage for adults who need to close out a dizzying day. Try the traditional vanilla or get creative with one of our many flavored syrups. And don’t forget the whipped cream!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

While throngs of consumers testify to the greatness of pumpkin spice, we resolutely devote our cold winter/warm beverage desires to simple cocoa, spiked with the cool, sugary blast of peppermint.

Herbal Tea

When your palette calls for something robust and warm, but your body is vehemently opposed to a vigorous jolt of the caffeinated sort, herbal tea is the obvious choice. We stock several varieties of herbal tea so regardless of your floral predilections, we can ensure a delightful cup of tea. We suggest pairing darker tea blends with a splash of rich, foamy milk.

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