3 More DIY Coffee Cosmetics

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cafe_D_3 Ways To Use Coffee As A Cosmetic

Coffee is more than just a delicious, globally revered beverage. It is also a bit of a wonder product when it comes to health and beauty. Coffee grounds can be reused and incorporated into your beauty routine in innumerable ways, but these three are definitely among our favorites.

Puffy Eye Treatment

Use a bit of your morning coffee grounds the same way you may use cucumbers; place over your eyes while relaxing in a warm bath before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. The caffeine will lift and tighten the skin around your eyes as well as stimulate collagen production and blood flow.

Self-Tanning and Exfoliating

Blend used coffee grounds with your favorite body lotion and just a hint of gentle body wash/liquid soap for an all over skin treatment that will leave you bronzed and luminous. Use this treatment while you shower and remember to place a debris catcher in your drain lest you clog your pipes with coffee grounds and lotion.

Scalp Stimulator

Winter months can be particularly brutal on dry skin, especially dry scalps. Counteract this atmospheric dryness by very gently scrubbing your scalp every other week with a combo of used coffee grounds and your favorite gentle shampoo. The caffeine will stimulate your hair follicles while increased blood flow will make for a supple scalp and an enviable head of hair.

Coffee is what we’re all about at Cafe Delirium, be it via a steaming cafe au lait or a dozen coffee themed beauty products. Visit our other blog topics for more coffee themed posts to bookmark and share, and visit our menu to plan your next trip to our cafe.

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