3 More International Coffee Creations For Your Travel Bucket List

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Travelers that enjoy tasting their way around the world will love these three variations of the world favorite pick-me-up, coffee. While Americans enjoy sweet creamy, frothy coffee drinks, across the globe, the case is quite different. Coffee culture varies throughout the world, but it’s truly reassuring to know that we all have this one miraculous bean in common.


This Portuguese variation of iced coffee employs a hearty pour of pure lemon juice resulting in a coffee experience that can leave you puckered up and perked up. This iced coffee may be proudly sour, but a dash of simple syrup or raw sugar is encouraged to cut the tartness.


Honk Kong’s most deliciously controversial hot beverage is one-part coffee, one-part tea, and one-part condensed milk. The result is a mild drink that offers a solution to the age-old dilemma — coffee or tea?

Kopi Joss (Charcoal Coffee)

Indonesia claims one of the richest coffee cultures in the world. This remarkable cup of coffee features one very special ingredient; one red-hot coal. With a healthy dose of charcoal to relieve stomach issues, this simple coffee is part curative potion and part piping hot perk.

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