3 More Wild Coffee Flavors We Hardly Believe Exist

Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Though we take significant pride in serving the finest coffees to our Downtown Gresham patrons, we often wonder how coffee culture is evolving outside our charming little Main Street. Cafe Delirium may be Gresham’s source for the classic coffeehouse experience, but we know as well as anyone that there’s a whole world of coffee culture just waiting to be appreciated. You won’t believe what we found on this trip down the internet rabbit hole of creative coffees. Here are three more of the wildest roasts the internet has to offer:

3 More Wild Coffee Flavors We Hardly Believe Exist

Monkey Spit Coffee — You’ve likely heard of Lopi Kuwak, or Vietnamese Weasel coffee, famous for being digested by Asian weasels. Monkey spit coffee works on a similar premise; Rhesus monkeys select the best coffee cherries, pick them, chew them leisurely for a few minutes, and then spit out. The beans are then harvested from the masticated remains.

Jacu Bird Coffee — The theme of animals consuming coffee beans before we brew them continues with Brazil’s Jaku Bird coffee. Brazilians turned to the local bean stealing bird to find the next big thing in coffee. Once consumed and eliminated, the Jaku bird’s dung removes the bitterness without imparting a manure flavor.

Swiftlet White Coffee — Swiftlet nests are a traditional Chinese delicacy that boast significant health benefits. In many Asian markets you can purchase a coffee imbued with all the properties found in the swiftlet nests, which, it should be mentioned, are constructed primarily with bird saliva.

Cafe Delirium is Downtown Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse. Visit us on Main Street today to sample our gorgeous coffee drinks while you enjoy charming Historic Downtown Gresham. Although we do not feature any previously chewed or digested items on our menu, we know you’ll love our flavorful selection!

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