3 Reasons Freelancers Love Cafe D

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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For every freelancer happily working away on their couches, at kitchen tables, or from the cozy spot on their beds, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need. Motivation is hard to come by, but when you arrive at Cafe Delirium we have it to spare. Here are three reasons freelancers love Cafe D.

Quiet Workspaces

Cafe_D_Cafe_D_How Cafe Delirium Became Greshams Living Room-1Whether you set up shop in our main area or in our quiet back room, you can easily settle into an uninterrupted workflow at Cafe D. Find a seat or table and turn on your productivity on one of our cozy seat cushions or in the isolation of our back room—while sipping away at the convenience of some on-hand caffeine to fuel those productive hours.







Easy Meeting Space

Cafe_D_Cafe_D_How Cafe Delirium Became Greshams Living Room-2Take your business calls at one of our patio seats or meet your clients at one of our comfortable seating areas — either way, you’ll have all the space you need to get the job done. Increasingly workers are ditching the conference room in favor of the cafeteria, lounge, or café. Plan your next “let’s grab a cup of coffee” meeting in the comfort of Cafe D.









Plenty of Caffeine!

Cafe_D_Cafe Office-How Freelancers Make The Most of Cafe DeliriumCoffee aficionados will appreciate the fine brew offered by our skilled baristas — and even the coffee averse have plenty of great beverage options to choose from. At Cafe D, we combine the coziness, convenience, and quality coffee of a café with the productivity of a remote workspace.



Freelancers in Gresham can find plenty of space to work at Café Delirium. Cafe Delirium is Downtown Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse. Visit us on Main Street today to sample our gorgeous coffee drinks while you enjoy charming Historic Downtown Gresham. Check out our menu or ask for your own specialty coffee drink!

Bring a Friend, a Laptop, or a Book!


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