3 Reasons To Carry Your Own Commuter Mug

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cafe_D_3 Reasons To Carry Your Own Commuter Mug

The little things that we do can make a big difference. Keeping the Pacific Northwest green and gorgeous takes effort from all of us, and even the smallest effort can make a big change. For instance, if everyone used reusable mugs for their coffee instead of paper cups, we could save nine million trees. That in itself is a good enough reason to ditch the disposable cup—but we have 3 more reasons that are even better:

A More Beautiful Future For Our Kids

It is almost impossible to separate the ‘plastic’ shell from the paper cups used in most coffeehouses, and as such, most end up in decomposing in landfills, releasing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Un-fun fact; for every four paper cups manufactured, a pound of carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. Add to that the staggering 20 million trees cut down annually to manufacture paper cups, and it seems obvious to carry your own commuter mug.

Save Some Cash

Most coffeehouses offer discounted coffee drinks to folks who use their commuter mugs – which is especially advantageous if your morning coffee is a $5 specialty late.

Spill Less Coffee

The thing about your morning commute is just that—it’s a commute! On a bumpy road, in stop and go traffic or while navigating rain-slick roads, you’re likely to lose some precious hot java, often right into the lap of your crisp, clean work clothes. Avoid that entirely with a commuter mug.

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