3 Reasons To Compost With Coffee

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cafe_D_3 Reasons To Compost With Coffee

Just when you thought that coffee was perfect simply by virtue of its presence in your morning mug, we come along and tell you about all the other ways coffee is useful in everyday life. From skincare to garden support, coffee’s brilliance can be utilized well outside the kitchen. As we approach spring (far sooner than usual) we thought it prudent to share three reasons you should absolutely be composting with coffee grounds. Now, let’s get those garden beds ready for success with our good pal coffee!


Nitrogen is critical for a plant’s developmental process, and coffee has plenty to spare. Coffee grounds can provide the necessary nitrogen for chlorophyll production, resulting in big, strong plants.

Insect Repellant

Countless studies have shown coffee grounds to be effective in protecting your garden from the most notoriously destructive pets; slugs and snails. Save your saucers of beer, your circles of salt and your caustic repellents in favor of your daily used coffee grounds and effectively repel pests while you fertilize.

Acid Neutralizer

A healthy soil PH is vital to a healthy garden.  Typically, the acidity of your soil should be close to neutral (toward acidic end of the scale) Coffee grounds are a neutral fertilizer; acids in the beans are water-soluble and are washed away during brewing.

Celebrate a well-turned garden bed with an extravagant coffee drink from Cafe Delirium. Check out our menu to plan your well-earned coffee break!

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