6 Popular Iced Coffee Drinks in Gresham

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Cafe_D_6 Popular Iced Coffee Drinks in Gresham

Gresham’s favorite coffee spot, Café Delirium (also referred to locally as Café D), has some of the most popular iced coffee drinks in town. You can find us on 3rd and Main to get that iced coffee treat to quench your summer thirst.

1. The Best White Chocolate Iced Mocha

Mochas are a staple in any coffee shop but switching out regular chocolate with white chocolate can elevate an iced coffee experience. Iced coffees by nature feel almost like dessert, white chocolate can take that notion further because it is a creamier and a tad sweeter. It pairs great with the whip cream on top.

2. The Best Almond Joy Iced Mocha

In a vote among billions of kids, Almond Joy was voted the worst candy to get on Halloween. Those kids don’t know what you know. Coconut paired with chocolate is something that transcends flavor and then you add the earthy nuttiness of almonds. Voila!

3. The Best Milky Way Iced Mocha

Start with a touch of vanilla for that delicious nougat flavor, then add caramel and let’s not forget the chocolaty goodness of a mocha. Did you know that Milky Ways are based on a drink called Malted Milk? So now you can get a Milky Way Iced Mocha that is based on a candy bar that is based on a drink. Full circle and so meta. Right? This is the drink to impress your intellectual friends who just finished James Joyce’s Ulysses for the third time.

4. The Best Peppermint Patty Iced Mocha

Peppermint is the best dessert flavor on a hot day. It’s one of those flavors that seems to produce its own chill temperature. It gets colder the longer you drink it. It’s hard to not think of the Peanuts character Peppermint Patty and wonder why she calls Marcie, “Sir”. Since Marcie first appeared in 1971, it has never been explained. Charles Shultz took that answer to the grave—and now you are wondering if this blog post is about iced coffee drinks at all. It is, but our next flavor is also a candy bar.

5. The Best Snickers Iced Mocha

Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and mocha. Most know the term trifecta, so these four amazing flavors qualify as a quadfecta. It’s a real term even though my spell check doesn’t even like it. Just like trifecta, it’s a racing term. Snickers is, by far, the most popular candy bar in these United States. It happens to be Number One among the billion kids that we referred to earlier as well.

6. The Best White Russian Iced Mocha

White chocolate and Kahlua flavor. Tastes like the adult drink without the adult consequences. Even The Dude from the Big Lebowski appreciates a good White Russian. This is the drink you can sip on while lounging in your robe. It’s considered The Drink due to all the notes it hits — sweet, creamy, chocolaty, and iced. What do you know, another quadfecta.

Café D has so much more than iced coffee! Check out our menu for our specialty drinks! Come in and find out why Café Delirium is Downtown Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse.


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