A Hot Cup A Day; How Coffee is Great For Your Health

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cafe_D_A Hot Cup A Day-How Coffee is Great For Your Health

Most of us grown folks need that morning jolt of caffeine, be it via tea, chocolate, or our obvious favorite, a steaming, rich cup of freshly brewed coffee. We know that benefits include helping our bodies and brains wake up, sharpening out perception and cognition and speeding us along the day, helping us get work done more efficiently and with precision.

There is so much more to a cup of coffee or tea than keeping us on top of our game for the day — though that’s what keeps us brewing up fresh pots every morning. Coffee is a critical tool in our quest for optimum health. For example, coffee has been shown to aid in telomere repair, telomeres being caps that protect the ends of chromosomes during cell division. Telomeres are used as a measure of aging and research has shown that telomeres in bodies of consummate coffee consumers were longer!

 “…Short telomeres are associated with a higher risk of death…However, with (America’s) increasing coffee consumption, telomeres were (found to be) longer. Coffee consumption might, therefore, prolong life…” — Medical News Today

Coffee consumption has also been linked to the prevention of Alzheimer’s by boosting the enzyme responsible for fighting the disease and has legendary anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that older coffee consumers had significantly less inflammation than those who were coffee adverse.

When you visit Cafe D, you can claim each visit is an investment in your good health, as well as an investment in your productivity, sharpness, and ability to seize the day!

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