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Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 International Coffee Drinks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Try

It seems like there’s always some new coffee creation or discovery or trend taking over our social media feeds. There’s eternally something delicious just waiting for you to discover it, but why wait? Here are three fads captivating coffee connoisseurs throughout the Northwest—jump on these trends, snap a pic, and be your social circle’s #coffeetrendsetter.

International Brews

A chocolate Caffè Marocchino a la Italia, or a frothy Cortado a la Espana—these are pretty common coffeehouse drinks in their regions but are lesser known stateside. Jump in front of this trend by sampling a few more international variations of espresso.

Bitter Brews

While sweet coffee concoctions have held the public’s attention for some time, a slow shift back to the essential aromas, flavors, and nuances of skillfully roasted whole bean coffee is on the horizon. If your taste buds are begging for a break from overly sweet, candy comparable beverages, ease into this trend with a mild Americano.

Buzzed Brews

It’s official, the west coast is cannabis central, so expect to see a lot of THC- and CBD-infused roasted coffee beans, ready-made coffee drinks, and coffee flavored edible treats.

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