Are You An Ethical Coffee Drinker?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

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How often, if ever, are you persuaded to consider the source of your morning brews, or if they were grown in an environmentally sustainable way, or how the farmers are coping with the environmental challenges associated with climate change? Chances are, your morning concerns are far more focused on your AM routines than how you may or may not be supporting ethically sourced coffee beans.

Still, it holds some importance to be able to sip your morning coffee and feel confident that no one was exploited in your quest for a bit of liquid motivation. Consider these few coffee cultivation facts as you enjoy your favorite coffeehouse drink and it may make your experience even more satisfying.

  • 80% of the world’s coffee beans are grown by about 25 million small-scale, family farmers, and though coffee is grown in over 70 countries, more than half the world’s supply comes from either Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, or Indonesia. Other countries that produce coffee include Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia, India, and Uganda.
  • Looking for credentials such as “fair trade” and “ethically sourced” typically indicates that from farm to cup, each participant in the coffee trade was compensated appropriately.
  • Organic certification is another way to ensure restrictions on the use of chemicals, additionally requiring farmers to make an environmental plan for reducing their impact.

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