Cafe Office: How Freelancers Make The Most of Cafe Delirium

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cafe_D_Cafe Office-How Freelancers Make The Most of Cafe Delirium

The common lament of the freelancer is that so often they find themselves caged up in their own home offices day after day, isolated and undisturbed. Working from home may sound like a dream come true for many, but it can quickly become lonely, frustrating and bleak. Any seasoned, career freelancer knows that finding the perfect home office away from your home office is integral to success as a free agent.

When work is wherever the wifi connects, it really matters where you open your laptop and settle in. It matters to your productivity, your inspiration and your success. Options are varied for folks surviving outside of the eight- to ten-hour work day and run the gamut from public spaces like parks and libraries to shared, drop-in office spaces. But many of these options don’t quite eliminate the one thing missing from a freelancer’s work schedule — community connection.

Finding the perfect place to comfortably work a few times a week is integral to the freelancer’s work flow, and since human connection is integral to our humanity, why not settle into Gresham’s de-facto living room to get some work done. Cafe Delirium has Gresham’s freelancers best interests at heart. Our warm, comfortable space offers quiet areas for folks to focus on their work while still maintaining a bustling, community centered vibe.

Gresham freelancers, we invite you to spend an afternoon with us at Cafe D, we’ll supply the fuel, you supply the heart.

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Café Delirium is Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse serving the best coffee. Visit us on Main Street today to sample our gorgeous coffee drinks while you enjoy charming Historic Downtown Gresham. Check out our menu or ask for your own specialty coffee drink!

Bring a Friend, a Laptop, or a Book!


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