Can Coffee Make You More Likeable? This Study Says Yes!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

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Coffee with Others is More Productive and Feels Better

A UC Davis study found that groups were more effective in their work when coffee became an integral part of their workflow.

“Coffee With Co-workers: Role of Caffeine on Evaluations of the Self and Others in Group Settings” is the first research study by management school professors to be published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, an international scientific journal consisted of two experiments.

In the first experiment, small groups had coffee together about a half an hour before discussing an article and making recommendations about the topic’s inclusion in a competition. While other groups had their coffee after the discussion, participants who had the coffee before the discussion rated their groups’ and their own performance more positively.

In the second experiment, all the participants had a cup of coffee together before the discussions. But some groups got caffeinated coffee, and others got decaffeinated coffee. In keeping with the results of the first experiment, the groups who had the caffeinated coffee rated their own participation and their attitude toward group members more positively than those who had the decaffeinated coffee. They also expressed more of a willingness to work with the group again and a higher level of alertness.

Rather than proclaiming caffeine as the ultimate catalyst for better group work, the researchers pointed to the increased level of alertness as being the mechanism for the positive effects.

(This post is an abbreviated edition of an article originally published by UC Davis News)

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