Clever Coffee Costume Ideas

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Halloween is almost here, people! Clever, homemade costumes is the name of the game, and the weirder, wilder, and most innovative will be the most memorable. Hopefully, you’re not scrambling in search of a last-minute costume, but if you are, we have a few self-serving suggestions.

Coffee & Donut Duo

Our favorite couples costume is a simply assembled coffee and donut duo. This costume is easily achieved with a few large cardboard cut-outs and craft paints. Cut corresponding front and back pieces for each costume and assemble as you would a wearable sandwich board. Paint your donut with vibrant pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles and your coffee cup with a thick wash of titanium white before adding a bold, red coffee label.

Roasted Coffee Bean

Roasted coffee bean costumes are about as simple as it gets. Achieve this look with an oversize dark brown long-sleeved shirt and oversized matching trouser or leggings. Stuff the extra space with cotton pillow stuffing or an assortment of soft bits of cloth. Use one long length of dark green or black duct tape and run it down the front of your DIY costume to create the seam of your bean. Do not paint your face to match! Your face is great just the way it is. Bonus: Pass out chocolate covered espresso beans to all adults you encounter.

Bag of Coffee Beans

Becoming an entire bag of coffee beans is another way to honor coffee this holiday. Pick up a package of brown balloons from your local party supply and simply affix as many as you can fit onto your leotard dressed body before painting a few little brown beans on your cheeks. Creating a cute label from craft paper reading Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans is the finishing touch for this super easy costume.

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