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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cafe_D_Coffee Trivia Time

How Much Coffee Trivia Do You Know?

At Cafe Delirium, we love coffee! You could even say we’re delirious about it. With the best coffee Gresham has to offer, Cafe Delirium is your coffee stop when you need a fabulous cup of joe.

Just how crazy for coffee are you, though? How much do you know about this delicious, energizing drink? Try answering the coffee trivia questions below to see if you’re a true coffee guru!

Coffee Quiz

1. Where does the name “cappuccino” come from?

A) The drink’s resemblance to the brown cowls worn by Capuchin monks
B) The similarity in color to the fur of Capuchin monkeys
C) The Italian puccino, meaning “light brown one”
D) The size of the cup in which it’s commonly served

2. What does “espresso” mean?

A) Speed it up
B) To go
C) Forced out
D) Black and intense

3. Coffee was the first food to be _____.

A) Shipped from Europe to the New World
B) Freeze-dried
C) Used in Aztec religious ceremonies
D) Roasted and ground for drinking

4. Where is 40% of the world’s coffee produced?

A) Africa
B) Colombia and Brazil
C) Turkey
D) Southeast Asia

5. At $600 per pound, Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. Which of these is also true about Kopi Luwak?

A) It is processed during a full moon
B) It is brewed only with solid gold pots
C) It is made from coffee beans eaten and then excreted by a Sumatran wild cat
D) It is grown at a higher altitude than any other bean

6. Where do coffee beans grow?

A) On a low, spreading vine
B) A bush
C) A tree
D) The roots of a coffee plant

Do you have your answers? Are you ready to tally up your final score and prove how much of a coffee nerd you are? Check your score with the correct answers below.

How did you do?

If you knew these coffee facts, then you’re just as delirious for coffee as we are at Cafe Delirium! Cafe Delirium is the perfect hangout spot in Gresham. We offer more than just deliriously good coffee. We also have plenty of seating for you and your friends, games to share, and free WiFi! Visit Cafe D today and see why our coffee is called the best in Gresham.

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1) A; 2) C; 3) B; 4) B; 5) C; 6) B


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