Cold Brew and You – Why You Should Try This Coffee Trend

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cafe_D_Cold Brew and You - Why You Should Try This Coffee Trend

Iced coffee is nothing new; we’ve been slurping whipped cream topped, syrup sweetened coffee frappes for a couple of decades now, and iced lattes have been chilling the manicured fingers of shopping sophisticates since car phones were invented. Cold brew, however, is something entirely different—and the distinction should not go unnoticed.

While many of the cold coffee drinks we easily recognize are prepared with brewed coffee that’s simply been chilled, cold brew is the process of brewing coffee with cold water and allowing it to steep for up to 12 hours (give or take an hour depending on your particular tastes).

Cold brew coffee can be made easily at home with just a jar, coffee grounds, and coffee filters. A recommended ratio is 1/3 cup of coffee for each 1 1/2 cups of water but use your own discretion—lovers of a milder brew use fewer grounds, folks who prefer a more concentrated coffee flavor, use a bit more. The result of this brew is not an immediately drinkable beverage, but rather a concentrate that can then be mixed with cold water, cold cream, or cold milk to produce a remarkably smooth and refreshing glass of cold coffee.

Cold brewing coffee removes 66% of its bitter acids, leaving you with a smooth, velvety, distinctly mild libation.

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