Columbian Coffee Culture – Medellin’s Urban Coffee Tour

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cafe_D_Columbian Coffee Culture - Medellins Urban Coffee Tour

The origin of most our favorite coffee may be the lush rural hillsides of Colombia, but the country’s rich and flavorful relationship with coffee goes beyond the verdant mountains and deep into the roots of its urban centers, such as Medellin. Case and point; Medellin is now offering a city tour that aims to show visitors what an urban cup of Colombian coffee tastes like.

The Urban Coffee Tour in Medellin was developed for travelers with a limited time in Colombia who are interested to learn more about Colombian coffee without having to take a 2-hour bus ride out of the city to visit a coffee farm. The popular walking tour begins with a shot of “tinto” the popular drink that many local residents in Medellin enjoy with their morning breakfast. From the introductory shot, the tour proceeds to a 30-minute walk that takes visitors through the Calasanz neighborhood into Santa Lucia to appreciate local architecture, the development of infrastructure in Medellin and a history of the city before arriving at the roasting facility.

The divide in class between convenience coffee and the premium coffee is addressed at length as tour participants view the roasting process with the opportunity to taste a variety of beans during the key stages.

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