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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Cafe Delirium Is Downtown Gresham’s Best Hang Out Coffee Spot!

Cafe Delirium, conveniently located in downtown Gresham, is the local hang out hotspot! Whether you’re looking to meet with a business partner over lunch, want to catch up with friends, or looking to find a place to study, Cafe Delirium in downtown Gresham is the place to be. With plenty of seating, free Wi-Fi, and some of the best coffee in Gresham, there’s no beating Cafe Delirium!

What Do You Know About Coffee?

Coffee has a long and rich history, dating long before Cafe Delirium began serving the best coffee in downtown Gresham. For the die-hard coffee-loving crowd, here are some crazy coffee facts!

Shepherds Discovered Coffee in Ethiopia, circa 800 A.D.

According to legend, some time in the 9th century, goat herders noticed the effect caffeine had on their goats. After eating coffee berries, their goats appeared to “dance” excitedly. Shortly after, a local monk then made a drink with coffee berries and found that it kept him awake at night. Thus, coffee was born!

There Have Been Multiple Attempts Throughout History to Ban Coffee

Though coffee lovers are prevalent today, plenty of people throughout history were not fans of the energizing drink. For example, back in 1511, leaders in Mecca believed it stimulated radical thinking and banned the drink. There was even a religious pushback against the drink as some 16th-century Italian clergymen tried to ban coffee, believing it to be “satanic.” However, Pope Clement VII loved coffee so much that he lifted the ban and had coffee baptized in 1600. A short time later, in 1623, Ottoman leader Murad IV outlawed coffee. The punishments for drinking coffee under his rule included beatings and being thrown into the sea. A little over a century later, in 1746, the Swedish government made it illegal to even have coffee paraphernalia, including cups and dishes. Several decades later, Frederick the Great of Prussia issued a manifesto declaring beer’s superiority over coffee because he believed it interfered with the country’s beer consumption.

The Boston Tea Party Helped Popularize Coffee in America

Everyone knows the famous protest made when the British unfairly taxed tea imported to America. As a result, in the lead up to the Revolutionary War, it became a patriotic act to choose coffee over tea. During the Civil War, the drink became more popular because it helped energize the troops.

Only Two U.S. States Grow Coffee

Coffee traditionally grows best in climates along the equator, which makes Hawaii’s weather optimal for harvesting coffee beans. Recently, California has begun to produce coffee as well.

Visit Downtown Gresham’s Favorite Coffeehouse – Cafe Delirium!

You can visit Cafe Delirium on Main Street today. Relax with the best coffee in Gresham while enjoying the beauty of Historic Downtown Gresham. Curious about our coffee and food? Feel free to take a peek at the menu before stopping by. Choosing any other coffeehouse would just be delirious! Come to Cafe Delirium today.

Bring a Friend, a Laptop, or a Book!


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