Does Iced Coffee Affect You the Same Way as Hot Coffee?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cafe_D_Does Iced Coffee Affect You the Same Way as Hot Coffee


COFFEE NERD ALERT: We are specifically talking about iced coffee, not cold brewed coffee, which is a whole other debate.

Making the switch to iced coffee, even if it is for one day, is toughest on those who survive on the caffeine they get from their daily morning hot coffee ritual. There is a whole ritual to feeling the warmth of your coffee cup and to taking in the aroma of that first hot cup of coffee in the morning. Cold coffee can’t beat those signals that many of us rely on to wake us up.

Let’s say you are a practical person and want to know, “Am I giving up anything else if I switch to iced coffee?” The short answer is no.

Drop for drop, you are getting the same amount of caffeine. Albeit, if you drink your hot coffee at a different rate than cold coffee, that can certainly impact how quickly you feel the caffeine. The faster you drink it, the faster the caffeine kicks in.

While there seems to be some opinion that cold-brewed coffee has less acid and a less bitter taste, again, we will save that debate for another post. For now, we just want hot-coffee drinkers to know that you get all the same benefits from iced coffee. So, if you’re in the middle of a heat wave and want a cold refreshing beverage with all the caffeine of your regular hot brew to keep you functioning, you can’t go wrong by switching it up with an iced version of your drink.

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