Flavored Coffee Roasts You Won’t Believe Exist!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cafe_D_Flavored Coffee Roasts You Won't Believe Exist

When the 90s made flavored coffee roasts a common grocery item, there were a few flavors that we saw nearly everywhere; vanilla nut, hazelnut, and amaretto were a few of those. We’ve come a long way since the introduction to flavored roasts, today there are many coffee flavors you might have to see (or taste) to believe. Here are 3 to add to your bucket list.

Maple Bacon — We suppose maple bacon flavored coffee makes a considerable amount of sense, by can you imagine seeing this on a grocery aisle shelf in 1992? It would have been revolutionary! There are several small roasters across the country purveying this specialty roast, we suggest pairing it with eggs and pancakes.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle — This is a flavored coffee roast commonly found at the k-cup machine in hospital, auto garage, and bank waiting rooms. Considering the simplicity of the flavored roasts in the bygone era of the modern coffeehouses, this certainly seems less like coffee and more like a caffeinated boulangerie fever dream (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Spicy Taco — Gourmet roasters CoffeeAM created a Spicy Taco flavored coffee that defies logic, pairing traditional Mexican spices for meat like cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, and chili de arbol with a mild-medium roast of coffee. Reviewers swore it tasted just like a taco. The future is apparently here.

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