Forecasting 2018s Hot Coffee Trends

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cafe_D_Forecasting 2018s Hot Coffee Trends

There were some truly memorable coffee trends of 2017, and we expect more in the coming months. But what, you may be asking, can we expect specifically? Well, there’s no concrete answer, just speculation—which we’ve been doing plenty of. That said, here’s our forecast for 2018s hottest coffee trends.

More Experimental Fraps

Once summer arrives, the coffee consuming public becomes rabid for frosty blended coffee drinks to cool their overheated bodies. While we wholeheartedly endorse a well-made, ice blended coffee drink, we expect that last year’s maniacal Unicorn Frap trend will inspire more coffee aberrations to be consumed solely for social media views, on which our position is neutral at best.

More International Favorites

With the sudden popularity of the Flat White, a super-common Australian coffeehouse drink, we expect an rise in popularity for more international coffee classics heretofore unrecognized in the states.

More Interesting Roasts

As more and more small-batch coffee roasters find their legs, many of us are being introduced to small roasts we may not have enjoyed otherwise. We predict that small batch roasters will continue to grow into an even more robust craft industry, possibly even competing with beer for Oregon’s #1 craft beverage.

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