Global Coffee Traditions We Love

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cafe_D_Coffeehouse_Global Coffee Traditions We Love

Around the world, millions of coffee lovers enjoy their own cultural and familial coffee sippin’ traditions. Coffee culture is thousands of years old, there are endless ways to enjoy this global indulgence. Learning how other folks enjoy their fresh cups can be inspiring, as well as bewildering. Why, consider our American coffee customs; ice blended drinks buried under mounds of whipped cream, decaf at night, referring to coffee with plenty of cream and sugar as “regular.”

In Italy, espresso is served traditionally in small cups, mainly relegated to a.m. drinking, and sipped quickly while standing at the coffee bar. Quite the contrast to our local coffee shops where coffee is served in huge mugs and you’re encouraged to settle in and stay a while (which we also love!).

In Saudi Arabia, coffee is served alongside a cardamom spice tea called Kahwa. This light, sweet drink is said to counteract the bitterness of strong Arab coffee. Many ceremonies involve the serving of this beverage pairing, and elders are always served first.

In Mexico, coffee brewed in earthenware pots with cinnamon sticks and piloncillo is a delicacy known as Café de Olla. This traditional brewing method brings out the rich earthy flavor of the ground coffee.

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