How Asian Coffee Culture is Influencing Global Coffee Trends

Thursday, April 19, 2018

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For centuries, tea dominated the hot beverage market in Asia. The globally beloved beverage is inextricably linked to Asian culture. Tea has long been associated with the continent that also brought us gunpowder and paper—but it is Southeast Asia that is experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the culture of coffee.

There are three discernable “waves” of coffee culture that have spread across East and Southeast Asia, the first arriving in the early 1870s via Hong Kong’s oldest coffee shop, Olympia Graeco Egyptian Coffee. Olympia Graeco Egyptian Coffee remains remarkably similar to its original state amidst a rapidly transforming coffee industry that is changing the entire hot beverage landscape, with a front row seat to the evolution of the regions coffee culture.

Second wave coffee appreciation arrived in 1950s British Hong Kong, coffee was introduced not as a primary beverage, but as an aperitif; something to sip after your meal.

It was in the late 80s-90s that the idea of the coffee house as we know it today first started to take root in locals’ minds. The next influence on the Hong Kong coffee culture came not from the UK but rather, from the nearby country of Japan–which today, is leading the way in third wave coffee.

Today, Hong Kong baristas are sweeping titles in both the World Barista Championship and World Cup Tasters Championship, demonstrating an exceptional understanding of the art of coffee that many western baristas, roasters, and consumers spend years striving towards.

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