How To Find Your Perfect Roast, Grind, And Brew

Thursday, September 7, 2017

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It might come as a shock, but there is a huge part of the population that does not experience excitement over the many subtle nuances found in the art of coffee brewing. Millions of people are drinking freeze-dried coffee crystals and they have no idea just how bland and unappetizing their choice of coffee is to the other half of the coffee consuming population. So many of us appreciate coffee for more than just its caffeine boost, but one wonders if these freeze-dried coffee crystal drinkers knew just how amazing and delicious brewed coffee could be, would they switch?

Well, we think so, but only because we have a profoundly intimate knowledge of coffee; where it’s grown, how it’s roasted, how it’s ground, brewed, and served — and all these things add up to a memorable cup of coffee that’ll blow instant out of the water.

Stepping out of the instant coffee comfort zone takes a little ambition, but it’s truly worth it. With the advent of countertop coffee cup brewers, we’re seeing the subtle art of coffee retreat back to the local coffee shops of our collective downtowns. Finding your perfect cup starts with a visit to one of these storied coffee counters, lovingly lorded over by an experienced, if a bit blustery, barista (our baristas are all lovely, warm and brilliant — never blustery, but that’s just us). A knowledgeable barista can eloquently describe the difference in taste between French press, drip, or stove top percolator. They can extoll the virtues of a fine grind vs a coarse grind and tell you precisely why that cold brew is so much milder and smoother than its piping hot contemporary.

Finding your perfect cup of coffee starts with a trip to the local coffeehouse, and for Greshamites, that means a trip to Cafe Delirium, Gresham’s favorite coffee shop.

Learn more about Cafe Delirium’s fine brews and artful coffee creations.


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