Japanese Coffee Trends We Love To Appreciate

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cafe_D_Japanese Coffee Trends We Love To Appreciate

We love our coffee here in the states and we have own particular way of enjoying it, unique to our varied cultures. From sweet, multicolored frappuccinos to “regular coffee” served with two sugars and two creams, our love of coffee is very exclusive to us, which is why we are always thrilled to fall into an internet rabbit hole of other coffee cultures, most recently Japan. Japan’s coffee culture is just as varied and extraordinary as our own, with a few truly memorable trends that inspire our own barista creativity and ingenuity. Here are a few of our most favorite Japanese coffee trends:

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus

Although this isn’t the first cola/coffee crossover from coke (Coca-Cola BlāK was a coffee-esque cola released as a limited edition in Europe and the US), it may be the best. This vending machine exclusive boasts 50 percent more caffeine and 50 percent fewer calories and 100 percent of our interests as we wonder how traditional cola flavors intermingling with traditional coffee flavors would work as a latte.

Garlic “Coffee”

74-year-old Yokitomo Shimotai, who was a coffee shop owner in Aomori Prefecture, has invented a drink that looks and tastes like coffee but is made entirely from locally grown garlic. We will anxiously track the progression of this trend, as it is a truly ingenious and unexpected way to interpret the complex flavors of brewed coffee.

Japanese Style Iced Coffee

Japanese Iced Coffee is not brewed, chilled, and served on ice. Rather, ground coffee is filtered, poured over ice, then served like Nitro Coffee — mixed with Nitrogen and served cold from a keg like a pint of Guinness. We expect to see this trend proliferating stateside cafes and coffeehouses soon enough.

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