Japanese Latte Art That Will Inspire You To Drink (Even) More Coffee

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cafe_D_Japanese Latte Art That Will Inspire You To Drink (Even) More Coffee

Japanese baristas are taking foam latte art to the next level, creating 3D anime characters, portraits and replications of iconic artworks all on the placid surface of a piping hot latte. Many of these creations appear far too complex and detailed to ruin by sipping, but if the quality of the foam art is any indication, these could be the most delicious lattes on earth. Check out these three Instagram accounts of Japan’s most popular milk foam artists:

@periperipeng — Daphne Tan is a 3D milk foam artist whose bio proclaims that her skills are developed as a hobby and not a profession. Sadly, you cannot order her breathtaking creations over your local coffee counter, but you still can enjoy them on her Instagram feed.

@latte_stagram — Kohei Matsuno does not specify any one cafe where local aficionados can purchase his unforgettable and remarkably detailed and personal latte creations, so in the meantime, this dreamy Instagram will have to do.

@cafe_chocotea — This modern cafe is located in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan and is a popular destination for latte lovers who appreciate a bold milk foam art creation.

IMG SRC: 3D coffee art by amelia soo

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