Meet Our Baristas! Part Two

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cafe_D_Meet Our Baristas! Part Two-1

Our staff is absolutely, unequivocally the greatest staff on Earth. Now, we may be biased, but that is firmly beside the point. Besides, spend a morning or afternoon with our charming team and we’re sure you’ll agree.

You’ve met our boss, our house comedian, our comic book queen, and our charming lovebird barista, but there are still more amazing folks to meet at Cafe Delirium.

Mallory AKA The Groupie

Cafe_D_staff_MalloryJust last year, Mallory has been to more than 25 concerts and met almost every band! Love live music too? Well, then you two have something to chat about while Mallory pulls you a perfect shot of creamy espresso.








Kiki AKA The Bedazzler

Cafe_D_staff_Kiki_blueKiki loves to make jewelry in her spare time. Take a second look at her baubles on your next visit and be amazed by her talent at both the art of coffee and the art of jeweling.








Cody AKA Shaq-Attacked

Cafe_D_staff_Cody_EWhen Cody was born in the Orlando hospital on February 14th, 1993, Shaquille O’Neal kissed him and gave his momma a rose.








Gage AKA The Ballad-Dictorian

Cafe_D_staff_GageLike a true Pacific Northwesterner, Gage loves to write music in his spare time. A music aficionado yourself? Have a chat about it while you sip one of Gage’s beautifully brewed coffee creations.




Cafe Delirium is Downtown Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse. Visit us on Main Street today to sample our gorgeous coffee drinks while you enjoy charming Historic Downtown Gresham. Check out our menu or ask for your own specialty coffee drink!

Bring a Friend, a Laptop, or a Book!


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