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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cafe_D_More 2019 Coffee Trends

Cafe Delirium Brings Coffee Deliciousness To Gresham

One trend that will never end among hard core coffee fans in Gresham is Cafe Delirium as the best local spot for great coffee! After all, we offer the best coffee in Gresham. Hard core coffee fans in Gresham agree! Besides serving the most excellent coffee, Cafe Delirium is also known locally as Gresham’s Living Room, where locals and visitors alike can cozy up to a seat while they enjoy their coffee. We have plenty of seating and free wifi, so bring your friends! Cafe Delirium is a great spot to catch up on a novel, meet up with your study buddies or business associates, or even just relax with your friends.

2019 Coffee Trends

If you’re a hard core coffee fan, you may already know about all of the biggest coffee trends of the past year. Let’s look back at them together! What did 2019 bring to the world of coffee?

Non-Dairy Milk and Creamer
Milk and cream are delicious additions to any coffee drink, giving it a smooth texture and creamy taste. However, many people are lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t enjoy the creamy goodness of milk, half-and-half or cream. With the invention of non-dairy options like almond milk, soy milk, and cashew milk, hard core coffee fans in Gresham have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a milk alternative for their coffee. There is even dairy milk that has certain proteins and enzymes removed so that lactose-intolerant people and others who are sensitive to dairy can drink it without risking an upset stomach. Gresham locals who can’t have dairy now have access to more choices for milk and cream than ever before! Wondering if we carry your favorite non-dairy option? Just ask!

Gourmet Coffee
More and more hard core coffee drinkers are moving toward drinking higher quality, better-tasting coffee. These gourmet coffees come from exotic places like Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Chile, and Madagascar. However, coffee drinkers aren’t buying just any coffee that comes from these places.

Hard core coffee drinkers in 2019 want to make sure that the coffee they buy is not only produced in a way that doesn’t harm the planet but also treats the farmers and their workers well by paying a fair wage. This is why more and more people are buying sustainably grown, fair-trade coffee beans. Coffee that is sustainably grown is coffee that was produced without harming the environment, and fair trade coffee is coffee that was purchased at a fair price that helps the farmers and not large companies.

Coffee Cocktails
While these drinks might not be available at your local coffee shop, you’ll find them in bars and restaurants all over the world. Coffee cocktails take a number of shapes and forms, but usually involve a form of coffee like black coffee or espresso, a cordial like Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream, and hard liquor, like whiskey, or rum. These delicious cocktails are served either hot or cold and are topped with delicious toppings like whipped cream, drizzled chocolate, frothed and flavored cream. For example, you could try an Espresso Martini, which is espresso, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Kahlua, and vodka.

What’s something new you discovered about coffee this year? Have you changed up your regular coffee drink at all? No matter your favorite type of coffee, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your craving for coffee at Cafe Delirium!

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