Pregnancy and Coffee Cravings – What Every Mom Needs to Know

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cafe_D_Pregnancy and Coffee Cravings - What Every Mom Needs to Know

Caffeine Consumption & Pregnancy

Caffeine will cross the placenta, just like everything you eat and drink during pregnancy. Caffeine is particularly hazardous because it can limit blood flow to the placenta, as well as increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also puts additional strain on the liver, which is already busy processing the increased hormonal demands of pregnancy.

Consuming more than 300mg of caffeine daily (approx. 3 cups) can contribute to several pregnancy complications.

Feeling iffy about your coffee consumption? Skip the coffee altogether during the first trimester and limit yourself to less than two cups per day for the remainder of your pregnancy. Alternatives to coffee that can give you a gentle perk with a fraction of the caffeine include green and black teas and simple decaf substitutions.

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