Roadtrip! 3 Historic US Coffeehouses Worth The Visit

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cafe_D_Roadtrip-3 Historic US Coffeehouses Worth The Visit

Every coffee fanatic has their own favorite coffee shop.  A place where the barista knows and has your order working as soon as you walk in the door. A place where none of the details that endeared you to your first fresh cup are lost. These gems of coffee creation exist all around the country, but there are in fact a few that have some significant cultural cache — and we ain’t talking ’bout the first Starbucks over here.

Coffee culture in the US can be traced back to Boston 1773, when the Sons Of Liberty liberated a few hundred pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. It was not long after this event that coffee became the hot beverage of choice and tea was relegated to sweet and iced varieties. Coffee shops and coffee houses would begin popping up around the country shortly thereafter.

The City Tavern or Merchant’s Coffee is one of America’s first coffee houses. It was part of a wave of coffee houses built in Philadelphia in or around 1773 and is the only original coffee house of that era still standing today.

The Old Tontine Coffee House, located on Wall and Water in NYC, is rumored to be the birth of the NY Stock Exchange. Alexander Hamilton is said to have issued bonds within walls, leading to the Buttonwood Agreement which would establish what we now know as Wall Street and the NYSE.

Cafe Reggio in Greenwich Village is credited with introducing America to Cappuccino by importing the nation’s first espresso machine from Italy. Established 1927, popular Cafe Reggio is still serving customers today.

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