The Best Coffee Shop Movie Scenes

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cafe_D_The Best Coffee Shop Movie Scenes

There is no shortage of iconic coffee/coffee shop movie scenes cemented into our pop culture consciousness; the ruthlessly escalating introductory scene of Pulp Fiction, precocious French heroine Amelie flitting around the coffee shop where she adorably waits tables, and a dripping-with-pearls Audrey Hepburn guiding us through the starting credits of Breakfast At Tiffany’s—coffee is a movie star in its own right. These are a few of our favorite movies where coffee is at best a main character and at the very least a featured extra.

Singles, 1992

This perfect encapsulation of early 90s burgeoning music/coffee culture features a hip Seattle coffee house as one of its central locations and the workplace of a handful of its main characters. Look for 90s rockers Pearl Jam sipping lattes in squashy armchairs for a total 90s throwback.

Coffee and Cigarettes, 2003

In Jim Jarmusch’s love letter to two of the world’s favorite vices, you can find some of the most lauded actors of their generation musing about coffee, philosophy, family and more. In typical Jarmusch fashion, these vignettes are loosely tied together, creating an ephemeral narrative that evokes, if nothing else, a strong craving for a fresh cup of coffee.

Best In Show, 2000

Listening to the characters Hamilton and Meg (played by Michael Hitchcock and Parker Posey respectively) describe how their love blossomed after a string of missed connections and furtive glances at two neighboring Starbucks will have you gasping with laughter.

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