The Frappé: A Happy Coffee Accident

Sunday, July 4, 2021

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Cafe Delirium Keeps Coffee Lovers In Greshan Happy 

The team at Cafe Delirium is dedicated to keeping coffee lovers in Gresham happy. We believe that local Gresham lovers deserve not only good coffee but the best coffee. That’s why we provide the best coffee in Gresham. All hard core coffee fans in Gresham just adore our coffee drinks, and we’re sure you’ll love them too! Stop by and see for yourself why local coffee lovers are so delirious about Cafe Delirium coffee. 

A Favorite For Coffee Lovers In The Summer 

As the weather gets hotter, many coffee lovers will switch to the iced coffee of their preference to keep cool in the heat. One notable favorite among many coffee lovers is the frappé. Did you know, however, that the frappé was invented by accident? 

How The Frappé Came To Be 

It’s true! The frappé as we know it might not exist if it weren’t for the fact that Dimitris Vakondios didn’t have access to hot water. When Dimitris, a Greek man, visited the 1957 Thessaloniki International Fair, he didn’t let something so little as not having hot water prevent him from having his coffee. Instead, he experimented. He shook together instant coffee with cold water and ice – and voila! The world’s first frappé! While this drink eventually became known by its French name “frappé” (meaning “to beat”) the frappé has a Greek heritage and remains a favorite in Greece today. 

Delicious Coffee Drinks For All Tastes Are Available At Cafe Delirium 

Get your coffee fix from Cafe Delirium on Main Street today! Relax with the best coffee in Gresham while enjoying the beauty of Historic Downtown Gresham. Don’t forget to bring your punch cards in, especially on double-punch Mondays! Receive double the punches on Mondays and earn your $4.00 discount sooner. Curious about our coffee and food? Feel free to take a peek at the menu before stopping by. Choosing any other coffeehouse would just be delirious! Order from Cafe Delirium today. 

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