Warming Up For Cooling Down: Our Favorite Warm Drinks For Cold Days

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cafe_D_Warming Up For Cooling Down-Our Favorite Warm Drinks For Cold Days

As the days begin to drop in temperature and we begin to collectively unpack our fall fleeces, knitted scarves, and wool knee socks, we also tend to ease away from the icy frozen coffee drinks that mark our summertime caffeine fixes. As fall rolls around, so do our cravings for warm, frothy coffee creations. Your large iced coffee might be replaced come late September with a stiff, steamy Americano. You may trade your signature frappe for a soy latte with drizzles of caramel and sea salt. You might even surrender your iced mocha for a (gasp) pumpkin spice latte. Whatever your specific coffee cravings dictate, even they will subscribe to the notion that fall is the time to once again start drinking warm beverages. Here are our favorite hot cups to enjoy on a cold day:

Chai Tea Latte — While the pumpkin spice captures the heart of many a coffee/autumn lover, chai tea has been known for its fragrant notes of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom for literal centuries. You can’t argue with its longevity or its ambrosial effects, which is why we love it.

Con Panna — This simple, elegant espresso drink delivers a rich, heady espresso flavor balanced with a jubilant dollop of whipped cream (which reminds of us ice cream, which reminds us of summer, which reminds us how happy we are it’s finally fall).

Hot Chocolate — Hot chocolate at home typically means emptying a bag of grayish dust into a mug of hot milk. Hot chocolate at Cafe Delirium means velvety, rich milk chocolate topped with a towering mound of whipped cream and, if you’re game, your choice of flavored simple syrups. That’s how you enjoy fall, right there.

Café Delirium is Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse serving the best coffee. Visit us on Main Street today to sample our gorgeous coffee drinks while you enjoy charming Historic Downtown Gresham. Check out our menu or ask for your own specialty coffee drink!

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