Welcome Back To Gresham’s Living Room! 

Friday, April 9, 2021

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Coffee Fans Loves Cafe Delirium’s Coffee Choices 

When it comes to coffee in Gresham, there’s only one choice that makes the most sense. Choose Cafe Delirium to fulfill your coffee cravings! After all, we carry the best coffee in GreshamDon’t just trust or word on the matter, though. Any hard core coffee fan in Gresham will tell you the same! We have coffee drinks for every type of coffee lover – whether you want a plain “just coffee” or a sweet-inspired mocha! 

Welcome Back To Gresham’s Living Room 

We’re happy to welcome Gresham locals back into Cafe Delirium’s indoor seating area. For a long time now, Cafe Delirium has been lovingly dubbed “Gresham’s Living Room.” For too long, Gresham locals weren’t able to fully enjoy that living room feeling they got from Cafe Delirium. Now, we’re glad to be able to open our doors and welcome Gresham locals back to enjoy that homey feeling they get from Cafe Delirium. For now, Cafe Delirium’s indoor seating is available at a limited capacity, so we appreciate Gresham locals having patience with us on that matter. 

What Does Cafe Delirium Have To Offer? 

If you haven’t been able to enjoy Cafe Delirium’s living-room-like indoor seating area, let us tell you what you can look forward to! Cafe Delirium has plenty of seating, including comfortable couches. We have outlets available for you to plug in your devices. We have free wifi as well! In short, Cafe Delirium is the perfect spot to sit back and relax with your favorite coffee. Come take a load off when you visit Cafe Delirium! 

Delicious Coffee Drinks For All Tastes Are Available At Cafe Delirium 

Get your coffee fix from Cafe Delirium on Main Street today! Relax with the best coffee in Gresham while enjoying the beauty of Historic Downtown Gresham. Don’t forget to bring your punch cards in, especially on double-punch Mondays! Receive double the punches on Mondays and earn your $4.00 discount sooner. Curious about our coffee and food? Feel free to take a peek at the menu before stopping by. Choosing any other coffeehouse would just be delirious! Order from Cafe Delirium today. 

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