What Are Americans’ Favorite Coffee Drinks? 

Monday, August 30, 2021


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What Are The Most Popular Coffee Drinks In America? 

Coffee is a well-beloved drink no just here in Gresham, but all across the country! Countless Americans indulge in their favorite coffee drinks to help them get through their busy days. But which coffee drinks are the coffee drinks that Americans love the most? 

5 Of America’s Favorite Coffee Drinks 


It should be little surprise that this coffee drink is one of America’s favorites! This coffee was developed in WWII when Italian baristas were tried to imitate the taste of filter coffee that Americans soldiers were used to drinking. 


Cappuccinos are perfect for those who love something a little sweeter than plain, bitter coffee. Cappuccinos are made in equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. 


Lattes are well known for the foam art that baristas make in them. Lattes have more milk than cappuccinos, giving them a more creamy consistency. 


This drink is prepared in layers and served in a clear glass to display those layers. Most commonly these days macchiatos are made with espresso, caramel, milk foam or steamed milk, and sometimes vanilla for a little extra flavor. 


This drink is similar to the Macchiato but made with chocolate instead. Mocha coffee is named for the city of Mocha, located on the coast of the Red Sea. There, the coffee beans produced have a light chocolate flavor. 

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