What’s The Right Grind For You?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Are you an espresso person? Or are you more of a drip coffee type of human? Maybe you’re an elusive tea drinker who only flirts with coffee on the weekends, or maybe you’re a mad coffee scientist, sipping warm brew from a pyrex beaker. Whatever your preferred method of consumption, there really is no wrong way to enjoy coffee. However, there are so many different ways to enjoy coffee that sometimes it helps to have a little bit of guidance in finding your own perfect cup.

Many of the best cups of coffee start with a very specific roast. Lighter roasts contain more caffeine and darker roasts are a bit easier on the caffeination and medium roasts are right in the middle. Those delicate roasts could potentially be squandered without the right grind and brewing method, so knowing your preferred roast is just the first step in discovering the perfect cup for you.

Fine grinds produce a more distinct crema but should be brewed with significant pressure in order to extract the most flavor and the most robust crema. Fine grinds are for the coffee drinker who enjoys espresso shots, straight up.

Coarser grinds can be best utilized in coffee makers that drip slowly, soaking the grounds deliberately as they deliver precious coffee drip by delicious drip.

For those who like cooking with coffee, grinding beans into the finest of powders leaves you with a potent concentration of pure coffee flavor with a finish that won’t leave your mouth feeling gritty.

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