Where Does Cafe D Coffee Come From?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Cafe_D_Where Does Café D Coffee Come From

Patrons of Café D who want that same rich flavor at home can get their own bags of Guatemala Monte Christo. These beans have tasting notes of chocolate, caramel, and apples.

Want to learn more about this single origin coffee? Read an excerpt from Caravancoffee.com:

At the highest elevation of 5200 feet, you will find a micro lot of 100% Bourbon coffee called Montecristo.  This small lot of coffee is exclusively prepared for Fratello Coffee in the North American market. Johann is a 3rd generation coffee farmer who has been committed to the quality of not only the coffee they grow but also the lifestyles of their workers and community around them. 

This farm is meticulously keeping up with and surpassing the standards of Rainforest Alliance certification. Free health care and school for the 60 children that live full time on the estate (grades 1-6 as well as computer class), he is almost ready to open his 3rd classroom which will host grades 7-9.  What excites us the most is that he is now going to open these classes up to the families that do not live on the farm. This proves his commitment to continually improve the community which lives around the estate.

It has schools, housing, and many other facilities for its many permanent workers as well as for any workers that come just for the harvest. The schools are also available for the surrounding community that does not work for the farm. Montecristo has been part of the community for over 40 years, and the farm manager, Don Gustavo, has been a vital part of it for over 30 years!


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