Where Does The Word “Coffee” Come From?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Where Does the Word “Coffee” Come From?

Have you ever wondered where this caffeinated drink got its name? It is likely derived from the name of the region where coffee beans were first used by a herder in the 6th or 9th century. “Kaffa,” its early name, comes from the Keffa Zone in southwestern Ethiopia, derived from Kaffa Province, which was the name of the region in ancient Abyssinia.

From there, the Arabic gave coffee the name “qahwah,” which was traditionally used to refer to a type of wine. The name of this wine, in turn, came from the verb qahiya, meaning “to lack hunger.” Coffee, because of its reputation as an appetite suppressant, was given this name as well. As coffee passed on to more cultures, their names for the beverage seemed to be derived from whoever they picked it up from. The Ottoman Turkish called it “kahve” and then the Dutch called it “koffie.” It is likely that “coffee” entered the English language from the Dutch name, in the late 1500s.

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