Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

It’s no secret that here at Cafe D, we’re delirious for good coffee! But how does the coffee craze in the US measure up to the rest of the world? You might be surprised! When talking about the top countries in consuming coffee, the US doesn’t even rank in the top 20! The 20 countries who are the craziest for coffee are as follows.

Coffee Consumption around the World (in kg per capita per year):

1. Finland – 12
2. Norway – 9.9
3. Iceland – 9
4. Denmark – 8.7
5.Netherlands – 8.4
6. Sweden – 8.2
7. Switzerland – 7.9
8. Belgium – 6.8
9. Luxembourg – 6.5
10. Canada – 6.2

11. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6.1
12. Austria – 5.9
13. Italy – 5.8
14. Slovenia – 5.8
15. Brazil – 5.5
16. Germany – 5.5
17. Greece – 5.4
18. France – 5.1
19. Croatia – 4.9
20. Cyprus – 4.8

So how much coffee is consumed per capita per year in the US? 4.2 kg

This means that the US on a whole consumes about 1/3 the amount of coffee consumed in Finland. That’s some hard core coffee consumption, Finland!

It sounds like the Finnish people are as delirious for good coffee as we are here at Cafe D!


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