Why Does The Coffee Shop Effect Work?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Cafe_D_Why Does the Coffee Shop Effect Work

Cafe Delirium Provides Gresham With The Best In Coffee – And The Best In The Coffee Shop Effect

Cafe Delirium is proud to serve some of the best coffee in Gresham because we have the best customers in Gresham! We aim to provide our customers with all the best – whether it be coffee, a place to relax and use free WiFi, or even a place to buckle down and get work done! We offer both free WiFi and plenty of seating, so our Gresham customers are all set up to relax, visit, or work. If you’re looking to benefit from the famous coffee shop effect, why not try to boost your productivity at Cafe Delirium?

Why Does The Coffee Shop Effect Work?

The coffee shop effect refers to how your brain is affected by switching to a new environment and how it often helps most people get more work done.  There are, however, other possible explanations for why the coffee shop effect is so effective.

It Pulls You Out Of An Unproductive Routine

When you’re in a routine that is comfortable and predictable, it is easy to pick up some unproductive habits. The fact that the brain relates to surroundings with a specific behavior can definitely have its drawbacks. This is why it can be easy to get distracted and off-task while trying to work. How often have you fallen down an internet hole watching videos or reading articles that have nothing to do with work?

By changing your environment, you not only break out of those bad habits, but you can train your brain to associate those new environments with productivity – which is the gift that keeps on giving! Just by moving to an environment that helps you be more productive; you teach your brain to associate that location with getting down to business. Eventually, by virtue of being in that location alone, your brain will know that it’s time to work!

Teach Your Brain To Get To Work At Cafe Delirium!

You can visit Cafe Delirium on Main Street today. Relax with the best coffee in Gresham while enjoying the beauty of Historic Downtown Gresham. Curious about our coffee and food? Feel free to take a peek at the menu before stopping by. Choosing any other coffeehouse would just be delirious! Take your brain to work today with a visit to Cafe D!

Bring a Friend, a Laptop, or a Book!


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