Why It Pays To Meet Your Employee’s Coffee Cravings

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Cafe_D_Coffee Culture And The Evolution of the Modern Coffeehouse

Each morning you inevitably have a few team members who stumble into the workplace bleary-eyed and slow to perform. It could take the better part of the a.m. hours for these morning idlers to catch up to the rest of the team, but it’s irresponsible to assume that all of your most valuable employees are going to be equipped for stellar early morning performances 5 days a week.

Coffee plays an important part in the working world as a universal morning motivator. A fresh pot perfuming the break room every few hours will help motivate your crew substantially, but on mornings when the most is required from those who have the least to give, nothing beats a coffeehouse run. Drip coffee from the office CoffeeMate is surely serviceable, but when you need to motivate your team in a more effective and immediate manner, custom coffee drinks will perk up your whole staff.

Next time you and your team are up against a deadline, racing to meet production demands or just battling an intense, time-consuming and emotionally draining workweek, splurge on frothy vanilla lattes and hazelnut mochas for your hardworking staff. The result will likely be increased engagement, stronger commitments and a best of all, the feeling that they are valued by management, which can result in a veritable windfall of employee satisfaction.

Café Delirium is Downtown Gresham’s favorite coffeehouse. Visit Cafe Delirium today to pick up a few of our signature coffee creations for your hardworking team. Check out our menu or ask for any of your own specialty drinks!

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